District of Columbia Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal conviction can have an impact upon the rest of your life.  It can affect your ability to find a job or get a loan.  A criminal conviction may even restrict where you can live and your ability to travel.  You may even be deported.  If you are facing criminal charges, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  You need the Law Office of Bruce M. Cooper.

As a former federal prosecutor, Bruce Cooper understands the strategies that prosecutors often utilize and can craft legal plans designed to counteract these strategies.  You need to be protected.    You need the Law Office of Bruce M. Cooper.

Criminal Charges are generally of two types:  Misdemeanors and Felonies.  In the District of Columbia, misdemeanors are offenses with a penalty of not more than one year incarceration.  Felonies are offenses with a penalty greater than one year incarceration.  Some felonies carry mandatory jail time if convicted of the offense.

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  • Simple Assault
  • Felony Assault
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Assault with Intent to Kill
  • Homicide
  • Kidnapping
  • Domestic Violence
  • Possession of Narcotics
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute Narcotics
  • Distribution of Narcotics
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft
  • Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle (auto theft)
  • Carjacking
  • Robbery
  • Bank Robbery
  • Armed Robbery
  • Seal Your Record
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Assault on a Police Officer
  • Assault with a Dangerous Weapon
  • Child Sex Abuse
  • Expunge Your Conviction
  • Burglary
  • Fraud
  • Carrying a Pistol without a License
  • Possession of Unregistered Firearm
  • Unlicensed Possession of Ammunition
  • Operating After Suspension
  • Operating While Impaired
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Reckless Driving
  • Identity Theft
  • Money Laundering
  • Conspiracy
  • Underage Drinking
  • Prostitution
  • Solicitation
  • Unlawful Entry
  • Fugitive from Justice
  • Parole Violation
  • Probation Violation
  • Destruction of Property


You need the Law Office of Bruce M. Cooper. 

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