cooper-2There is no typical client for a criminal defense attorney…

as anyone can be accused by the government of a crime.  My clients have ranged in age from 18 to 84 and have been students, housewives, and lawyers at major law firms.  Many are charged with crimes involving drugs, violence, weapons or alcohol.  Some have extensive criminal records and others have never been caught up in the criminal justice system.  It is a very confusing and frustrating system and you need an experienced attorney to help you navigate it.

l find it crucial that my clients understand that they are now charged as criminals and that the ultimate penalty for a crime is jail.  My clients must be truthful with me as I will provide them with a realistic view of their case based upon my experience as both a federal prosecutor and a long-time criminal defense attorney.  Not every case should go to trial and whether to go to trial or accept a plea offer is ultimately the decision of my client.  This can be a life-changing decision and must be considered deliberately and with the assistance of an experienced trial attorney. 




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